Action Lines - Work Packages

The HoloZcan project is implemented through 5 Work Packages. Two of these, WP1 dedicated to efficient coordination of the project and WP5 dedicated to dissemination, communication, and co-creation activities, will run throughout the whole duration of the project.

Coordination between participants, efficient exchange of information with the project team and a communication channel for the EC.

  • Provide strategic coordination to guarantee timely delivery of all project deliverables.
  • Supervise the quality of all project activities and the accomplishment of all goals, foreseen tasks and deliverables.
  • To set up a project management structure that ensures efficient operational management according to the work plan, including administrative, financial and legal issues, and appropriate liaison with the European Commission.
  • Provide resources, procedures and tools for ensuring that all results are delivered on time, with an adequate quality level and within the cost, including quality control procedures on deliverables, interim and final review of the project achievements from a management perspective.
  • Continuous evaluation, and ethical and security aspects.

Improvements in hardware functionality. The objective of the WP is the development of an early prototype (experimental platform to generation of images) and a functional prototype (for pilot testing and demonstration) of a novel high resolution, large throughput, automatic and highly portable detection system for making automatic classification of pathogens and particles.

This WP targets the research and development of specific solutions for quick and efficient sample collection by using self-tailored rapid medical and industrial technologies, optimising them for potential CBRN emergency action testing, as well as potential stationary, built-in and mobile sampling solutions and optimising for continuously monitoring controlled environments of first responders, such as medical facilities, for potential biological threats.

Here we do connect the linear workflow of system development and optimisation, with the iterative workflow of the bio-image database building, algorithm development and validation procedures to ensure the possibility of the use case specific fine tuning of the system. This complex WP will be in close and continuous interaction with WP2 to provide a demonstration tool for testing the technical feasibility of the HoloZcan system.

The final WP is set to interactively engage diverse CBRN actors and stakeholders in the project activities at local, national and EU level, and design and implement, an effective communication and dissemination strategy elaborating tools and measures that will be used to promote the project’s activities and results, to a wide spectrum of audiences. This WP will also ensure that all engagement and dissemination activities are interlinked and mutually reinforced.

Furthermore, WP5 will work closely with all project work packages to identify, develop and treat exploitable results in order to define the way to a successful device commercialisation.

These goals imply the following specific objectives:

  • Providing training materials and guides;
  • Communication actions in order to the results of the activities will be disseminated and made available to security practitioners, standard bodies, committees and research communities;
  • Development of the HoloZcan business plan and evaluation of commercial market potential;
  • Identification of the HoloZcan key exploitable results;
  • Providing risk analysis and mitigation measures;
  • Implementation and management of IPR related matters;
  • User Centred and Agile Design: Continual feedback and coordination between the HoloZcan developers and users are vital to continuing improvement of the system;
  • Development links and collaborations with existing networks and communities.